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Student Resources

  1. San Diego Zoo 
  2. Kids Planet
  3. National Geographic 
  4. Enchanted Learning 
  5. Philadelphia Zoo
  6. Sea World/Busch Gardens
  7. Lincoln Park Zoo
  8. Nature Works 
  9. Zoo Atlanta 
  10. Smithsonian National Zoo 
  11. Science Kids 
  12. Animal Fact Guide 
  13. Sheppard's Software

  Ancient Civilizations  

  1. Oriental Institute of Chicago - Archeological digs (click on Museum and Public Education, visit our museum, then click on Public Education and Mummify.)
  2. Ancient Egypt
  3. Mr. Donn - Ancient Greek games
  4. List of Chinese Inventions 
  5. Timeline of Chinese Inventions 
  6. The History of China and Its People 
  7. Ancient China - Fast facts


  1. Biographies for Kids - Scroll down the page and find different categories of people to research
  2. America's Story - Find information on Famous Americans 
  3. U.S. Presidents for Kids
  4. U.S. Presidents - Find information on our presidents at

    Creative Sites for Fun   

  1. Jigsaw Planet - Take your photo & create your own puzzle or play an existing puzzle
  2. Memory Games - Practice your memory 


  1. Free Typing Game
  2. Nitro Type

  Language Arts  

  1. Spelling Connections Online - Choose grade level, proofreading, rhyming words, sentence structure, vowel sounds, etc.
  2. Patricia Polacco Website - Patricia Polacco Website
  3. Beverly Cleary - The world of Beverly Cleary
  4. Tomie de Paola -  All about Tomie, his books and being an artist 
  5. Vocabulary - English vocabulary building games
  6. ConnectEd - McGraw Hill Reading Series


  1. Internet4Clasrooms - Activities to practice Math Skills & Language Arts
  2. AplusMath - Improve Math Skills
  3. Funbrain - Arcade games 
  4. - fun multiplication games and self-correcting timed quizzes
  5. SheppardSoftware  - A variety of games to practice math skills 
  6. Arcademic Skillbuilders - Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning, a variety of math games
  7. Timed Tests - 100 problems in 3 minutes or you can change the time. This page opens to multiplication, but at the bottom of the page, you can choose addition, subtraction or division.
  8. Drag-n-Drop Math
  9. IXL Math - Math practice that feels like play 


  1. Science Kids
  3. Planets for Kids
  4. Solar System - NASA

  Sites for Practice  

  1. Study Island - Preparing for the PARCC tests
  2. Spelling City - Play word searches, crossword puzzles, hangman, and many other games by adding your own spelling words 
  3. Free Rice - Donate rice to help end hunger by getting correct answers to questions on various subjects
  4. ABCYA - Grade level lessons in the areas of math, language arts, introducing basic computer skills, holidays, etc.

  Searching for Information  

  1. Safe Web Searching -K9 Safe Search filters information/pictures

  U.S.A.States/Government Sites  

  1. 50 States - Learn/Research the 50 States
  2. Net State - Learn/Research the 50 States
  3. State Symbols USA - Great site with photos of the symbols and information
  4. Factmonster-50 States 
  5. The U.S. 50 - Agriculture, Industry, symbols
  6. Information about 50 States - State history, agriculture, symbols
  7. USA for Kids - The 50 states, information by state
  8. SheppardSoftware U.S.A. Games - 50 States research;  capitals, states, and landscapes games
  9. Kid's Corner U.S.A. - U.S. Government games, landmark puzzles, U.S. cities and state word games, U.S. region games, etc.
  10. Ben's Guide to U.S. Government - Learn about the U.S.  Government by grade levels